On my mind

My brain is full of thoughts such as these…

My mom’s recent cancer diagnosis, today’s surgery, future treatment

My Grandma’s official move to the nursing home today

My dad’s ability to process both of the above on the same day

My siblings who rearranged schedules today to be with my parents, highly influenced by the siblings who couldn’t be there at all

The magic of a dark, cool basement in which the only sounds to be heard are those of my 5 napping children and the much appreciated air conditioner

Reflections on my last few days as well as my entire career at The Little Light House

Glimpses of what the life of a stay at home mom looks like

The beginnings of mental lists of goals I want to accomplish with my children during the next year

A gradual and more serious move toward establishing a healthier lifestyle and losing a lot of weight

Blogging in a regular basis to share and record the homeschooling adventure we’re about to begin

The challenges and rewards of remodeling our home

…these are the thoughts bouncing around in my head this afternoon.

And, what should we have for dinner? That, too.

Thank you for praying for my momma. I’ll certainly write more about that lovely lady soon.


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