7 Quick Takes Friday, er… Sunday

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 191)


I read a lot of blogs.  I wrote about them here and here.  (I wrote/linked those blogs over two years ago.  I don’t read all of them anymore…and I’ve added several…time for an update?) That was back when I had took time to write.  I really miss writing.  Of course there are always more important things to do.  There is always cleaning to do.  I could always use more sleep.  But I also think that writing is good for me.  I’m starting tonight, inspired by my friend* Jennifer Furlwiler at conversiondiary.com.  Mostly because it seems easy to write about 7 things when I have 7,000,000 in my head.  But also because she is my new friend*.  And she is giving away a $50 amazon.com gift card.


You should know that my mom is amazing.  About 3 months ago she was diagnosed with multiple myeloma.  She has had surgery to repair a broken arm, completed her radiation treatment, continues to be monitored for blood clots, and is currently taking chemotherapy to kill every last single cancer cell in her body.  Oh, she also works full time as a special education teacher, cooks big dinners when we fill her home, attends OSU football games, calls/texts/messages me to check on my life and my kids, hosts her friends in her home and has a super cute short hair-do.  I love her a lot and do a poor job of bragging on her.  Thank you all for keeping her in your prayers.


I am currently living my dream.  I am a stay at home mom.  I have five little people who call me mom.  And three big boys who still get excited about certain favorite meals I cook for them, two of whom will occasionally ask me for help on homework.  I am, of course,  thankful to God for this blessing beyond belief.  I’m also thankful for my husband…who is my partner in this leap of faith.


I need a new blog design.  And name.  Actually, I have the name.  I just need to get it up there.  I sort of want to do a fancy blog design with pictures and such. I have no idea how to do that or how much it would cost to have someone do it for me.  Thoughts?


We went to Stillwater today.  I love that town and it just keeps getting better.  It’s probably a tad bit early to talk about where we’ll retire someday.  But, if we don’t end up in Stillwater before retirement…it’s looking pretty good for our golden years.  Years ago (back in our dating days) I was DYING for a frozen coffee drink and there was none to be found that night in Stillwater.  Now there are plenty of options.  Totally should live there.  Totally.


A word of advice for my fellow mamas out there: If you’re having a bit of an emotional day about the love and gratitude you feel for your children, it is best to let Mr. Munsch read this story to your children rather than attempting to read it yourself.  Absolutely helps stifle the ugly cry.


Oh Pinterest.  I never even tried to avoid you or delay joining.  I just casually walked in one day.  And then I became one of those people who pins but doesn’t produce.  Worse, I became one who “liked” but didn’t pin.  Or I pinned and didn’t organize.  Oh, the madness! I spent some quality time on Pinterest last week trying to get things under control.  Somehow I had accumulated nearly 500 pins that I “liked” in order to pin at a later date.  I repinned, I deleted, I created boards, I conquered…and I set boundaries.  My new board is a compilation of one pin from (almost) every board I have.  I have set a goal to create/accomplish/put into practice each item on that board before pinning new ones. (Raise your hand if you think that sounded a little too much firstworldproblem for your taste.)

*For the purpose of this blog the term friend is used to describe a famous person who happened to repin  TWO of my pins in a 48 hour time frame.  Friends? Why yes, I think so!


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