The day in which I served pancakes for two consecutive meals

So it’s an hour and a half past my self-(non)imposed bedtime. This blog has become less about apologizing for not writing and more about confessing my late nights.

Today I

…worked out at 5:00 am with my sister at the gym I joined a few weeks ago. It’s fun to workout with someone I know and I’m especially excited that my friend Donna joined the gym AND comes to the 5:00 am class with me!
…made day-late heart shaped pancakes. Also made 5 sets of eyes and 5 smiles and some of my favorite initials DDCCM.
…took my youngest to his 4 year old check up which included shots, epi pen instructions, 4 new referrals resulting in 3 new appointments, and a stop on the way home for smoothies.
…fed my children a second helping of pancakes for lunch.
…sat on the couch.
…fed my children a non-pancake meal consisting of grilled cheese (with mashed sweet potatoes) sandwiches, cucumbers & hummus.
…cooked tilapia for the first time in my life.

Now I am going to bed to cuddle with the man who is in charge of our children until 2:00 tomorrow afternoon. My plans include: workout, shower, get coffee, attend Dr. Seuss workshop for early childhood teachers, lunch with Amanda, quick shopping to surprise my man and then home.

Happy weekend, folks!


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