Stuff kids say

You know, those cute silly things that you’re supposed to write down so you don’t forget to like them when they’re teenagers. This is it…

Monday was just singing “I’m running to your mom’s” sometimes he’s “running to Braum’s” or “the farm”. (It’s actually “I’m running to your arms” by Hillsong)

All 5 think OSU’s mascot is Mr. Pete.

The biggest insult they throw at one another is singing Happy Birthday, when it is not, in fact the recipient’s birthday. Everyone gets quite offended at this. My favorite is when this infraction occurs between two twins.

Occasionally, they get our priest, Father Joe, confused with ‘Ol Joe (the best in the county-o)

Friday has likely dropped “I hold you” for “Hold me please.” I’m glad we are present for his language development.


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