Losing it

About seven months ago I made a decision to lose weight by exercising regularly and joining Weight Watchers.  Three months ago I got serious about eating healthy consistently and I joined a new gym.

In September 2012 I was at my heaviest weight and was likely in the worst shape of my life.  I decided it was time to do something about my physical health. I wanted to look better, feel better, have more energy for my family and take care of my body.  I had just quit my job as a special education teacher at The Little Light House to stay home with our five little ones.  Crazy as it may seem, this new position is the least stressful time in my life in a long time.  I’m not trying to get pregnant, disappointed about not being pregnant, recovering physically or emotionally from a miscarriage, trying to adopt or waiting for an adoption to be finalized.  Or, teaching 8 preschoolers with special needs and adjusting to life with 5 under 5 in my house.  So yes…staying home (my dream job for years) with two sets of twins plus one more busy kid seemed like the PERFECT time to get my physical health back on track.

In September I joined Weight Watchers…again.  About 11 years ago I successfully lost around 30 pounds on WW without a whole lot of effort.  I made healthy food choices most of the time, exercised with friends from work and even did a few 5K races.  I’ve had a few other short term relationships with WW, but I was ready to give it a try again mainly for the accountability it would provide me.

I also went to Boot Camp Tulsa during the month of September on MWF at 5:30.  They were doing a promotion and the month was free.  I was seriously scared to start.  I sent facebook messages and texts to my friend Lydia (a proud BCT member!) and I talked my friend Amanda (soooo not a morning person) into doing bootcamp with me.  That first morning when I saw my friend Chris (the nurse from LLH) I was honestly relieved that there was someone with medical training on site.  Seriously.  I almost threw up several times, I almost cried a few times…but I never missed a session.  I lost 12 pounds that month.  Of course at the end of the month they offered their membership plans but there was “no way I wanted to pay that much money to get up that early to work out three days a week.” We already have a membership to a gym and I just planned to wake up early and work out hard.

And then October came and went.  My max weight loss was around 15 pounds.  And November came and went.  I was playing around with gaining and losing the same 2-3 pounds for the next couple of months. I wasn’t working out consistently, I didn’t attend WW each week and I certainly wasn’t tracking my food.  I bought a Groupon for another boot camp and started the first week of December.  I went to class at 5:00 am, 5 days a week for 6 weeks.  I missed a few classes when we were out of town for the holidays and two days when I was sick.  Other than that…I was there!  I ended that boot camp on Friday, January 11…

And started a free week working out at Fitness Protection Program on Monday, January 14.  On Tuesday, January 15 I began a 12 week Healthier You Challenge with The Little Light House.  (If this was a movie, you’d see a dramatic change in the lighting and the soundtrack would shift…significant difference in my story from here on out!) And on Friday, January 18 I signed on the dotted line to “pay that much money to get up early and work out three FIVE days a week!”  Because, back in September I would have never done that, remember? I also dropped Weight Watchers.  Part of my program at FPP is to weigh in every week.  Plus I see my trainers every day.  That’s more accountability than I had at WW.  I still think it’s a good program for weight loss, I just need a tighter community to keep me on track at this point.

I recorded my weight and measurements in September before I started that very first nauseating boot camp.

Four months later (remember…hit and miss working out and NEVER holding myself accountable for my diet):

Weight  -10.2

Chest   -.25

Waist   -4.25

Hips     -2.5

Not terrible, but NOT worth the early morning sweating I had been doing consistently for the past 6 weeks.

And so begins the LLH Healthier You Challenge, a point based competition with cash prizes.  Points for losing weight, inches, body fat and points for daily activity and weekly challenges.  Oh, and points for keeping a food journal.  I guess that’s all I needed…a little challenge to get me going, because I faithfully tracked all of my food for the entire 12 weeks.  During the second week of the challenge I started using the My Fitness Pal app, following their guidelines for my calorie intake.

I also worked out every single day of the challenge.  I’ve been consistently attending the 5:00 am class at Fitness Protection Program (FPP) for 12 weeks.  I occasionally go to an evening class and twice I’ve done two a day!  If scheduling works out well for my family, I go to FPP on Saturday morning also. If not, I might go to another gym for time on the elliptical or bicycle.  I’ve also been working on running a mile and just last weekend achieved my goals 1) to run a mile without stopping and 2) do it under 13 minutes…my time on Sunday was 12:30.

My 12 week results

Weight              -34.6

Body Fat          -3.4%

Chest               -3.25

Waist               -7.25

Hips                 -4

Total (since September)

Weight           -44.8

Chest               -3.5

Waist               -11.5

Hips                 -6.5

Upper Arm      -1.5

Thigh               -7

Calf                  -2

Total inches     32

My first big goal is to lose 100 pounds, by losing an average of 2 pounds per week.  Losing 100 pounds seems impossible, but it’s been easy for me to just take it one week at a time.  Since I started working out at FPP and tracking my food I have lost weight every week except one. (I gained 0.4). I can hardly believe that I’m so close to the halfway point!  After I reach that goal, I’ll set a new goal, probably another 25 pounds.

So that’s the beginning of my story.  A bit of a slow start, but I’m in the zone now!  Our LLH challenge is over (I won 2nd place!!!) and I have developed some good habits over the past 12 weeks.  I have accountability from friends and family.  And I could (should and will!) write another post about FPP and the support and accountability I get from them.  Oh, and this other 13 month challenge I’ve got going on with my family and a few friends that keeps me working out every. single. day.

Somewhere I have an official “before” picture from September, but I kind of like this holiday transformation idea.  My next official picture will be from the 4th of July.

christmas easter

Stay tuned…it’s just the beginning!


11 thoughts on “Losing it

  1. I am so thrilled for you! How, how, how do you get yourself motivated to get up and work out? I am such a slug and my weight is the only thing that gets up in the morning! I have to get healthy once and for all but don’t have a clue how to do it!

    • Carol…honestly it must be by the grace of God that I can get up that early every day! I am NOT a morning person. Your daughter can testify to that! : ) It helps that I really do enjoy the workouts. I know I am going to work out every day, so it makes the most sense to get up and get it over with as soon as possible. On the weekends I tend to put off working out until the evening…and it kinda stinks to think about it all day. Also, even if I’m pretty tired when I wake up, I have energy throughout the day because of my exercise. I could probably go to a 5:45 class instead of 5:00, but honestly I feel just as tired when my alarm goes off at 4:15 as I would at 5:00. This way, I get my class done and am home for about an hour before my kids wake up. It’s nice to have coffee and sometimes breakfast before I have 5 little people needing me all day long! : )

  2. That is Great! My brother, sister in law and I all started Boot Camp back in Jan we go 3 days a week we all also have 100 or so pounds to lose. My SIL and I are using my fitness pal and she has lost 28 pounds and I have lost 21 so I ask what is your diet like? Our BC doesn’t have diet as a part of it just exercise.

    That is great on the mile too! We also just did a 5K 🙂

    • Good job on your weight loss, too! As far as my diet, I generally try to eat healthy foods. I try to think about fueling my body vs. eating empty calories. There were times when I was doing Weight Watchers that I’d eat a burger or sweets or something because I knew I had enough points to do it. I’ve sort of switched gears to be sure I’m eating healthy, filling foods. I also have very few cheat days or cheat meals. Some people recommend “cheating” once a week, but I have found that if I eat bad for a day, I tend to keep eating a few bad foods for the next few days. My goal now is one cheat day a month.

      Specific foods that I eat often: lots of fruits and veggies, Greek yogurt, oatmeal, whole grain tortilla, whole grain English muffins, almonds, tuna, chicken, turkey

      I try to avoid white flour, sugar and highly processed foods. I did “clean eating” for a week and that was super hard! I’m trying to incorporate more “clean” and vegan meals…but I’m not about to give up meat and dairy on a regular basis! I also try to eat something every 3 hours to keep from getting hungry and over eating. I make sure I have plenty of protein, especially early in the day. I get super sleepy if I don’t have a high protein breakfast after my early morning workout.

      My treat (almost every day!) is a White Chocolate M academia Nut Clif Bar…so delicious! I’m sure I need to cut down on those, but it’s a great pick me up in the middle of my afternoon.

      Good luck to you and your family on your journey! Keep me posted!

  3. Half the size and twice the Wife and Mother you aspire to be. You are amazing and such an inspiration. Kate, not only are you being blessed, so, too, is your family. Visualize Nature’s Food as DeLiCiOuS and NuTrITiOuS and EnJoY! ( God’s food doesn’t be drowned in grease and disguised in processed sugars to taste good ; )

  4. Kate, do you have a new hair do? Love this profile pic, Bright eyed, Cousin. ; ) Persistence and a brand new life!

    • It’s actually an old pic, but it’s my favorite hair cut ever! I thought about cutting my hair when I’d lost 30 pounds, but I had trouble scheduling. I decided to wait until I hit the 50 pound mark!

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