MAY-king some changes

Tomorrow is May 1 and I am using a new month as a springboard to begin some new habits.

I have this continual desire to simplify, organize, clean up my home. I also have a constant internal voice nagging me to unplug…literally. Think the two might be related?

I’ve decided to declare May the month of minimal media. I’m going to delete apps from my phone, switch the wireless option to the off position on my iPad & my laptop, and set my dvr to save the episode of SNL that Kristen Wiig will host.

My phone will not reside in my pocket or appear to be glued to my hand. It will be out of reach, but just within earshot. My kids will not watch an episode of Curious George the moment they get out of bed, but they will have more books read to them. I will not start a new series on Netflix, but I will start a bible study.

I won’t tell you that I went to work out every morning, but I will. I have attended bootcamp five days a week for the past 15 weeks, except when I was out of town for spring break. I promise I won’t quit now. : )

I won’t be pinning any new ideas on Pinterest, but I will complete projects I pinned months ago.

I’m going to allow one hour on Sunday to have media time. I’ll log my workouts on my family Facebook page to keep up with our year-long competition. I’ll also check my email. And carefully choose an hour of television to watch. I might check email one additional day each week. That’ll be an exercise in willpower…to only have one tab open and just check email. We’ll see. It might be nice to only check once a week instead of once an hour. : )

I’ll still be online with my phone app My Fitness Pal every day. I think I’ll be able to limit my time there. I do want to continue using that as a tool for accountability and encouragement.

I’d love to get back in the habit of writing blogs on a semi-regular basis. I’m going to try writing offline and scheduling posts throughout the week. I doubt I’ll post the link on Facebook. So if you don’t want to miss a riveting episode of life with my fab five, be sure to subscribe to my blog or check back on occasion.

Here’s to a lovely month of May!



One thought on “MAY-king some changes

  1. On today’s walk, I saw 4 ducklings paddling behind thei mother, 2 bunnies, and a baby woodpecker. Spring is in the air. Spring forward, Kate. You live life. ❤

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