What I did today…

…because today was busy and hectic and I was going on less than 4 hours of sleep.  But we survived.  And I don’t want to forget these adventurous times.

4:00 am–1st alarm goes off
4:15 am–2nd alarm goes off
4:25 am–pry myself out of bed, get ready for FPP
4:55 am–arrive at FPP, have a little meeting with the scale that I’ve been avoiding
5:00 am–Cardio workout…on a Monday.  What an awakening.  Thankful it’s over!
5:55 am–arrive home, change out of sweaty clothes, make an essential cup of coffee, grab a banana for the road
6:15 am–drop Rob off at his dr appt
6:30 am–arrive home to tear apart my bedroom looking for the key to the fireproof box, which may or may not contain middle big brother’s social security card (correct answer: may not)
6:50 am–make pumpkin muffins for my little muffins, text my food accountability friend to share my weigh in report and my breakfast plans, trying out her recipe for protein muffins
7:00 am–begin to gather picnic lunch items, constantly consider how much noise to make and whether or not I should wake the kids (answer: not.  ever)
7:10 am–pumpkin muffins are finished, gathering ingredients for protein muffins
7:20 am–begin mixing ingredients…wait until the last possible minute to chop the oats in my Magic Bullet and to mix the rest of the batter
…immediately after…3 kids enter the kitchen.
7:40 am–remind the kids we are going to take Daddy to work and play with Aunt Maggie.  They dress quickly and are stationed by the front door with a banana.  I’ve realized I don’t have time to pack lunches.  Lunch bag now contains: one loaf of whole wheat bread, jar of peanut butter, jar of soy butter, bag of goldfish crackers, 5 lunch boxes, one knife (always make the soy butter sandwich first, FYI), 5 frozen go-gurts, one spinach salad, 5 string cheese, one slice of veggie cheese, two emergency pull-ups, one emergency Epi-Pen and one emergency seizure medication.
8:00 am–protein muffins are done, second cup of coffee is made, 40% of my children are still sleeping, pumpkin muffins are packaged to-go
8:05 am–wake the last two, motivate them with reminders of the activities of the day…and muffins, start the “go one more time before you leave” potty line
8:10 am–repeatedly ask more than one child if they are sure they don’t need to ahem..poop….ahem…before we leave the house. (answer: no, Mommy.  I’ll go at the museum.)  Cool.
8:15 am–kids that are dressed and fed are loaded into the van, hairbrushing will happen at location to be determined, convince two kids that they must. wear. tennis. shoes.
8:25 am–5 kids and one mama loaded, morning medication administered, lunch bag and 5 water cups loaded, grab my water, my coffee and a muffin….depart
8:45 am–muffins in the parking lot of the dr office, one ponytail down, one to go
9:00 am–stop at Kum & Go so Daddy can get a drink before we drop him off at work.  Only one kid asks if this is Daddy’s work.
9:15 am–head to Discovery Lab to meet Aunt Maggie and cousins Mary & Clare
9:30 am–squeeze into the parking spot next to Aunt Mags, second ponytail completed…head inside to PLAY
…11:00ish am–enjoy chatting with a grown up (who happens to be my little sister) while our 7 children cut paper, climb tape tubes and slide down tape slides, assist workers with vaccuuming duties, pretend play in the toddler section..and only once leave the room without telling me.
11:00 am–Maggie and her girls head out to grab a picnic spot while my five and I take over the restroom yet again.  Only a little hard to get my kids to leave the Discovery Lab…but the promise of food outdoors helps a lot.
11:01 am–text from Maggie…it’s raining.
11:05 am–arrive at the big white van and try to talk up a picnic on the floor at home.  Most of them are convinced.  Let’s say 4 out of 5 little Zerbes were okay with the idea.  The fifth, though.  He was loud the whole way home.  And maybe also because I wouldn’t let him have a sucker.
11:30 am–home, sweet, home.  Throw a blanket down, grab the lunch bag and assemble picnic lunch in the living room, joined now by Curious George.
12:20 pm–lunch is finished, sort of. Kids have pottied, sort of.  Mama is sleepy…seriously.  It’s rest time.
2:00 pm–most of that time is a blur.  And maybe because I napped a bit.  Three non-napping kids are allowed to go to the couch…I slowly follow to load the dishwasher.  And make more coffee. Kids go potty and get shoes on…then have a snack.
2:30 pm–wake the two sleeping beauties…one can muster up the energy to get some shoes on and eat a snack
2:40 pm–load 4 kids in the van, carry a 5th in pjs with a to-go snack, go get Daddy!
3:00 pm–reunited with my love!
3:20 pm–drop him off at the hospital to visit his mom, tell the kids mommy will read them a story as soon as she gets. more. coffee.
3:45 pm–back at the hospital parking lot, tall nonfat cinnamon dolce in hand…I read.
Just me and my mom
Just me and my dad
Just me and my grandpa
Just me and my grandma
Just me and my little brother
Just me and my new puppy
4:08 pm–getting a little stuffy in the bwv…decide to drive around the block
4:10 pm–Daddy is at the main entrance waiting on us.  Oops…we’re a block away. Be right there
4:20 pm–decide to pick up a prescription at the worst possible time ever. Drive thru line or park and go in? (Answer: drive thru line….and that was incorrect)
4:55 pm–leave with prescription and a mental note to switch to the independent pharmacy closer to my house
5:20 pm–arrive home, cook dinner, unload the dishwasher, load the dishwasher, freeze leftover muffins
6:30 pm–eat dinner
7:00 pm–finish loading dishwasher, pack leftovers for Rob’s lunch, put away the last of yesterdays grocery shopping extravaganza, run a load of cloth diapers through a hot rinse cycle…again. Clean the stove, counters, table and chairs.  Let the littlest girl dry the chairs.  Sweep & mop the floor.  Run the dishwasher.
8:00 pm–help clean the kids’ room and get them read for bed.  Last call for potty.  Last call for water.  Medication, kisses & hugs administered.
8:30 pm–Daddy stays to put kids to bed.  Mama takes a sentimental picture of shoes and then a bubble bath.

What did you do today?



3 thoughts on “What I did today…

  1. I’m so glad you liked it Molly! I just remembered as much as I could and spilled it out at the end of the day. I’m sure one day I’ll look back and will hardly believe the adventures I had with my kids. Time flies!

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