In contrast to my most recent post, let me tell you about today.

Today, I have plans.  Plans that look drastically different than my usual day with my kids.  We are in the last few days of summer freedom.  It is surely a blessing to have a husband working in public education, which brings him home to us for the summer.  Rob is transitioning back to work this week, and will be at his full schedule next week.  I’m transitioning myself as well. 

My three big boys (Calvin–21, Riley–19, Duncan–17…in case you needed a refresher) are also beginning new schedules.  Calvin is living with us again while he saves up some money…because money is a requirement in the grown up world, ya know?!  For the past two years he’s just been next door in our garage apartment, but that’s different than being under the same roof.  I’m glad he’s around for several reasons, not the least of which he happily takes the trash out…when I don’t even ask.  But really, I’m glad he’s around for the day to day happenings of his 5 little brothers and sisters.  He moved out about the time they moved in, and life with our littles should be experienced!  He also recently switched his work schedule to 3pm-11pm…meaning he’s around a bit during the daytime.  This is still new and we’ll all adjust accordingly.  In the meantime, I’m thankful he’s home early so I the kids can sleep while I temporarily chauffeur the husband.*

On the flip side, Riley has moved out of our house and into the garage apartment.  We still get to see him on a regular basis.  He has sweetly reminded us that he is open to dinner invitations anytime.  He started a new job this week and is adjusting to a 40 hour work week.  So far he has politely declined the dinner invitations, but I bet we can tempt him with some enchiladas soon. I’m excited for his new job, as he is working in a welding shop to begin to learn the trade.  He’s been interested in welding for a couple of years and this will give him a chance for some hands-on learning…with a paycheck!

And Duncan, who got to be the baby of the family for 15 years…will start his senior year at Booker T Washington next Thursday.  He’s driving with his permit now and if life happens as he hopes, he’ll get to drive himself to school sometime this year.  In the meantime, he’s one of the relief chauffeurs. 

The unplanned update on big brothers is now concluding.  Please stay tuned to our regularly scheduled programming.

So…yes, balance.  And my plans.  Once upon a time, Rob was going to spend every morning working on projects for our house.  I was going to spend every afternoon working on my own house projects and prepping for a newly structured homeschool year with my kids.  Something happened and we are smack dab in the middle of August…yikes!

So today…Duncan is home with the little kids.  I tried to prep as much as possible for them to have a successful day at home, so that I may have a successful day out of the home.  I baked cinnamon rolls (from a can people, don’t be impressed) last night so they could have a favorite, easy breakfast this morning.  Morning snack foods are ready, lunch boxes are packed and stacked in the fridge, afternoon snack mix is ready, medicine is dosed and placed within reach of a big brother yet out of reach for a little brother or sister, iPad is fully charged, remote control car is out of sight, beloved dress up clothes are within reach, clean clothes are in drawers and matching doesn’t matter today.

I did my usual 5:00 am workout, a little less sweaty than usual.  Mostly because I have a slight injury and had to take it a little easy today.  I hurried home and changed into non-workout clothes, packed a bag, added to the note I left and told the babysitter to move to the couch to intercept the kids as they woke. 

I dropped Rob off at his 6:30 am dr. appointment and drove a few blocks to Starbucks.  Blessed by unseasonably cool weather, I enjoyed oatmeal and coffee outside.  I’ve moved inside for a second cup of coffee and a comfy chair for blogging.  Soon, I’ll pack up to go get Rob and take him to work. 

And then…if all goes well, I will accomplish the following:
-purchase gift for a tiny baby I know
-pick up clothes I ordered online and had shipped to Lane Bryant (FYI: the smallest size clothes I ever ordered from that store! awesome sale online last week and I snagged a -pair of dress pants, some dressy capri pants and new workout pants for under $40)
-redeem my Valentine’s Day present…a gift certificate to Vintage Pearl
-renew tags for the BWV and the truck
-stop by a garage sale at LLH
-enjoy a lunch date with my man
-schedule a dentist appointment
-schedule eye doctor appointments (for 5!)
-schedule a hair appointment (waaaaay overdue for me!)
-work on lesson plans for Zerbe Academy (easing into school with a study of Creation in August and running full force beginning September 3…would LOVE to have all of my supplemental (see: Pinterest) activities planned and prepped in the next week or so

So yes…balance.  A day for mama.  I love my days with and for my kids.  I am blessed to have days to refresh and re-energize so we can enjoy those days.

*Rob has a stubborn wound on the bottom of his foot.  He has a wonderful doctor who has been aggressively treating him (contact cast, walking boot, daily hyperbaric chamber treatments) while he’s been off work.  She is very pleased with progress, and will likely continue treatment for another 2-3 weeks.  In the meantime, he cannot drive due to the cast.  I’ve been jokingly referring to this season as my part time chauffeur job, but I might need to get a cap to make it real.



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