Going home

We are winding down from a weekend filled with family.  Friday began our cousinfest with a trip to the zoo.  We met Aunts Maggie and Kristen (with a bonus Uncle Matt!) and cousins Mary, Clare, Emily, William and Rebecca on Friday morning.  It was time for us to renew our zoo pass and now we’re geared up for a year of fun with the animals.  I’ve never taken the kids by myself…I either have Daddy with us or we meet friends there.  I might be up for an independent trip this year, if needed.

After the zoo we came home for a couple of hours and I threw clothes into a bag for a quick trip to visit my parents (and more cousins!).  We picked Rob up from work and headed west.  My brother and his family have recently moved back from Oregon so we got to see Uncle Patrick (of vegan fame) and Aunt Ryn, along with Nathan, Lily and Molly.  We went to Aunt Marianne and Uncle Jon’s house…so we also got to play with James, Hannah and Taylor.

(anybody lost in all the names yet?!)

Marianne had invited us to a Friday evening dinner/playdate/board game night, so we also got to see some of their friends.  With 11 adults and 16 kids (aged 6 & under) no boardgames were played.  However, it was fun to have some grown up time and I’m certain I helped at least 4 children with 2 different Buzz Lightyear costumes.  And solved logic puzzles with the husbands before slipping outside to chat with the other wives.

If you’re keeping track, I’ve mentioned the families of 4 of my siblings.  It did not go unnoticed that I got to see all of them in a 12 hour time span.  We missed out on seeing a couple of uncles, but we did hang out with all of the rest of the families.  And so, it also did not go unnoticed that my out of state brother, Robert was absent from the impromptu sibling socializing.

Despite my casual mentioning of meeting in St. Louis for a cup of coffee sometime, we haven’t seen them in a few months.  (Although Rob was open to the idea of making an annual trip to Illinois during spring break!) So while we didn’t get to see Uncle Robert, Aunt Sarah and cousin George this weekend, I got the next best thing and chatted on the phone with Robert while I took a mile walk on Saturday  morning.  Traveling a mile by foot isn’t too awful when you go slow and have a brother to keep you company!

I do love my siblings and their spouses and their kids.  And most of  the time I think it’d be fantastic if we all lived in the same commune neighborhood. Maybe we’d get tired of each other.  Probably  not.  I am fortunate that I live close to one sister and one brother and when we go home to visit my parents, we’re in the same town as the other sister and another brother.  And then, really…St. Louis isn’t too far for a cup of coffee on occasion and DeKalb is my favorite spring break destination so far.

Here’s a sampling of the cousin fun…sitting so angelically after mass on Saturday evening, before we headed home.  This picture was taken outside of the church where my grandparents were married, my parents were married, and 4 of us were married. 

I love going home.


3 thoughts on “Going home

    • We don’t qualify for a group discount, but a family pass is the way to go! It pays for itself after just 3 trips to the zoo.

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