2 parks, 2 picnics, 3 potty accidents & 1 minor head injury

Rob was fully back at work today, as all employees reported back to work today and they are preparing for students to return on Thursday.  He also began his semester at NSU, taking a class on Monday nights.  I’m still rockin’ the chauffeur cap, so the kids and I dropped him of at class this evening.  We stopped for cheap pizza and went to the park to picnic with friends.

I totally wanted to brag about how my kids and I had this picturesque day…a day that warms my heart as the school bus rolled by my house while my kids were still comfortably sleeping in their beds.  Our school district started classes last week and I do notice the comings and goings of the big yellow bus.  I’m a happy homeschooling (starting after Labor Day) mama who is glad to have the kids at home.  Today was extra special because we capped off the beginning and ending of our day at a park with a splash pad.

This morning we met Aunt Maggie, Mary & Clare for playtime & brunch.  That brunch sounds fancy, but it’s really code for I let my kids sleep as long as possible, quickly dressed them in swimsuits, and headed to the park. We did good, though…Greek yogurt with fresh strawberries and blueberries, pumpkin muffins, whole grain crackers and string cheese.  Swimsuits, flip flops & towels for everyone.  Never mind that the actual splash pad was closed today for maintenance, we had a good time for a couple of hours.

We came home for a few hours and then headed back out in the afternoon to get Rob from work and take him to class.  Then we were off to our second picnic in the park and splash pad of the day.  My friend Julie met me in the parking lot of Little Caesar’s to guard our seven children while I ran in to buy hot-n-ready cheap pizzas.  Then we drove over to the park.  I was unprepared for splash pad this time around, but figured we’d just wing it.  As the kids were making their slooooow departure from the van, I noticed someone already had wet pants.  Apparently leaving home at 3:00 to get Daddy and arriving at our first “get out of the van” destination more than 2 hours later was a bad idea for at least one bladder.  I was ready to have everyone just run through the water so the kid with the potty accident wouldn’t stand out so much.  But fortunately we like to hang out with kids that wear the same size clothes as us.  And apparently mama’s that are a little more prepared.  Dry pants…score!

Kids eat pizza and fruit, they drink water and juice…and eventually my 5 and I travel down the hill to the potty.  We’re getting good at this group potty thing and I’m feeling pretty confident.

Fast forward a while and I’m cleaning the second potty accident off the cement.  That right there is already too much info, I know.

Ok, regroup.  Let’s get shoes and socks on and head over to the playground.  Food, cups and clothing are gathered up so we can make a quick exit in a few minutes…it’s almost time to get Daddy!

There are a few other kids on the playground and I notice they, along with my boys, are playing with some railing that has come off of the stairway.  Perhaps that should have put me on alert. It didn’t.  I just left the kid to see if he could put it back on, even though I was pretty sure a screw was missing.

So a bit later, my kid grabs the rail, it comes off.  He falls and bumps his head on the metal step at the bottom.  Blood on a playground is bad news.  We’ve been there done that.  With this same kid! So I said a quick prayer and held my breath as I ran to him…peeking between his fingers that were covering his eye.  No blood! Hallelujah! But definitely one crying kid and a developing bump above his left eye.  My 4 other sweeties rush over to check on little brother.  He starts yelling, “I bleeding! I bleeding!” I assure him he is not…and a sudden warm sensation passing from him to me corrects my interpretation of his speech, “I peeing! I peeing!” Potty accident #3 accompanies our first injury of the day.

I carry him quickly to grab the ice pack from our lunch box.  The other four follow behind me in perfect duckling formation.  Time to go get Daddy..this day is done!

And that’s the rest of my 2 parks, 2 picnics, 3 potty accidents & 1 minor head injury story.  A friend on facebook commented that everyone defines success differently.  Which reminds me, the most successful part of my day was washing my hair in the tub (without hurting my back) using my daughters’ shampoo (that’s the same thing as color lock, right?!)  managing to dry and straighten my hair, applying eyeliner & mascara…picking my husband up on time and hearing him say I’m cute.


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