7 Quick Takes Friday…also known as how to avoid chores

It’s almost 9pm on a Friday night.  Tomorrow has been declared Zerbe Family Work Day by my husband.  He even gave us a week’s notice.  The purpose of the notice was to have all of our “normal” chores finished during the week so we could concentrate on projects that have been neglected for oh so long.  So basically that means the kitchen should be clean.

It’s not.

And the laundry should be done.

It’s not.

I declared that the one thing I could do to ensure productivity on Saturday was to get to bed early on Friday.  So I made coffee at 8:30 and decided to blog.  Best idea ever.

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 229)


Last weekend I got my hair cut.  It’s something I’d been wanting to do for a few months.  I even tried to be brave and schedule an appointment in the town I live in…rather than go to my fabulous hair guy in the town I grew up in.  It must have been fate because we had to reschedule twice and then I lost the energy to keep trying.  And then when I finally did call Jerry (the fabulous hair guy who permed my now naturally curly hair almost 20 years ago) he happened to have an appointment on Saturday.  Yay! I studied my Pinterest hair board and headed west for the weekend.

This is the inspiration piece:

medium hair styles

And here’s my before and after, length perspective:

before after length











And a look at the front, styled by Jerry (code for: I will never get it to look like this again):

crazy eyes














Also, I apparently have crazy eyes in pictures.  Often.


I have decided to register for the Tulsa Run.  Turns out they don’t make you actually run the whole thing.  I am doing the 15K.  I like to say I’ll be traveling 15K by foot.  Some amount of walking and some amount of running for approximately 9.3 miles.  I was supposed to start training this week, but I need to buy some new running shoes. Shoe shopping for mama this weekend, training starts next week! I haven’t exactly figured out my intervals of walk/run…but it will probably have something to do with the playlist on my phone.  Possibly run 3 songs, walk 1.  Very scientific.  Very.


My friend Amanda is moving away.  Far away. Very soon.  Not talking about it just yet.


Once upon a time I was going to limit my time online.  That didn’t really work out.  But I think of it constantly.  My kids and I are getting ready to start a new school year and I’m sure that’s a good time for some resolutions.  I can’t even remember the number of times I have resolved to waste less time looking at a screen.  I’ve got about a week and a half to ponder a new set of rules for myself.  Probably not making any promises this time…basically so I don’t break any promises this time. I did try to clean up my email clutter a little.  I went ahead and left the Catholic infertility yahoo group I joined years ago.  Still Catholic, still infertile, notsomuch worried about it anymore.


Yesterday was the last (tuition free) 1st day of school for my youngest stepson.  Duncan has officially started his senior year of high school.  That curly headed kid was just in kindergarten when I met him.  I remarked to Rob that if we hadn’t adopted our littles, this would be the beginning of the end.  As enticing as that sounds, we’re pretty happy to have a second round of little people.  Rob might have been swayed to the other side of that thinking if it weren’t for this slideshow I made this week.

Click here for some Instagram goodness set to sappy music.


It’s about time for a mom-confession blog.  Because lots of people think I have it all together all of the time.  Well…maybe people who read Monday’s post realize I am not exactly supermom.  But I really do want to write some honest, real stuff here.  I’ve been penning it in my head for several days now.  And all of that is the segue into…I made homemade play dough today.  Which is not terribly fabulous, it’s actually just terribly cheap.  And I’d been promising to do it for weeks.  Yes, the recipe was from Pinterest.  Yes, I color coded the dough for each kid.  Yes, when you leave 5 children unsupervised play dough that starts out as blue, yellow, green, pink and orange turns into a lovely shade of brown.  Oh, and yes…I accidentally quadrupled the recipe because I added an extra cup of salt and the only way to fix it was to add extra everything else.


I realize it’s not all that classy to take a picture of yourself in the bathroom mirror.  I think that’s mostly why iPhone added the switcheroo button on the camera.  However, some people can totally take a cute picture in the bathroom, without their phone being front and center and without a potty in the background.  I’m not sure I’ll ever be that girl.  I can’t even share the outtakes with you, it’s simply too much.  But this…this I made especially to share.

crazy hair












You’re welcome.


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