A week in the life…

I’ve been working on a blog about what school looks like for us, but I can’t manage to finish it. We’ve been busy!! I decided to attempt my first blog written entirely on my phone, mostly during parking lot wait times. Here goes a week in the life of the Zerbes…

On Monday we visited the Tulsa Children’s Museum with Aunt Maggie and cousins Mary & Clare. Uncle Matt got to play, too!






Tuesday is our usual day for PT & Speech to come to our house. We had to fast track the sessions because two kids had dentist appointments. The kids’ biggest big brother joined us so we could take advantage of the waiting room entertainment options.


Then we stopped to pick up new glasses for this handsome guy.


Wednesday was our only day to be totally at home, minus picking Daddy up from work. It’s also our day for OT. We were all tired and slightly cranky. As soon as the therapist left, I grabbed lunch and we headed outside. We stayed for about 3 hours. Feeling only slightly guilty for abandoning most lesson plans, I made sure we had some time for cloud watching!


Thursday was a fun filled day with our friend Susie. I didn’t take too many pictures, but I couldn’t resist snapping this one.

He’s “sleeping” in Miss Susie’s childhood dollbed.

And Friday…we attempted to catch up on schoolwork. Everyone made a caterpillar snack.


Two kids had appointments with the pediatrician and I managed to talk them into seeing a third. We went to get new referrals for therapy, mostly because the state of Oklahoma wants to know every 90 days or so that my kids are still delayed in speech. No tax dollars wasted here, folks. As a general rule, the dr office will only schedule two at a time. I needed to reschedule my fifth darling, and managed to convince them to let me bring all three. It was lovely. :/


I had grand intentions of baking cookies for cousins and having a sit down dinner that included crescent rolls. But this was our second week full of appointments. I felt really good about letter B week…completing lots of learning in the midst of 5 eye exams over 3 days as well as holding speech & PT sessions at the park. Two weeks of school with only two days at home…yikes!

Our weekend is busy also with a family reunion, great-grandpa’s birthday and helping my sister and family move. We’ll likely review letter C in between all of that. And at the very least, we’ll enjoy cake with cousins!

Blessed to be busy and never, ever bored!


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