so much to say, so little time!

I hate starting a new post with an apology or excuse for the lack of posts.  So I’m gonna skip that part and just jump right in…


I miss blogging.  I think it’s good for me to get my thoughts into words and I like the feedback I receive from others.  I hope that I entertain and encourage and occasionally give you an opportunity to think deep thoughts (although that is clearly not the point of tonight’s post).  I also like giving myself a larger audience to keep me accountable to some of my goals.


Speaking of goals…I have 12 minutes to finish this blog.  My goal bedtime is 9:00…tonight I’m extending it until 9:15 and I’m setting my alarm for 4:15 instead of 4:00.  That’s 7 hours of lights out time and a tally mark on my goal box if I follow my rules


So, I have some major goals ahead of me…I’m super close to my first long term weight loss goal….100 pounds! (I’ll give you an official number tomorrow, and an explanation.) My next weight loss goal is to lose 131 pounds before I run 13.1 miles at the OKC Run to Remember on April 27.  That one is going to be tricky due to the little holiday food vacation I took.  I stalled my progress amidst some deliciousness…and now I’m paying for it.


However, I am still pressing on!  So I am also committing to blogging my journey as I train for a half marathon (yikes!) and strive to lose 131 pounds in the process (double yikes!). Discipline and routines and organization of my life are simply not my strengths.  It is nothing short of a work of God that I have been able to get myself out of bed nearly every single morning for more than a year in order to exercise at 5:00 am. However, I really hope to blog (at least a little) every day. I stay home with my kids and I have a messy house and I lose things and I am not perfect.  At all.  But, I do love my life and I am always, always trying to do better.  Feel free to follow along my journey as I blog about weight loss, fitness and healthy eating…as well as the usual stuff that is important to me.

(and now I have to set my alarm for 4:18…but I’m publishing this post…now!)


2 thoughts on “so much to say, so little time!

  1. Whew…it has to be more that self motivation…that Power, greater than yourself works within. Tapping into that, is an accomplished feat, itself.

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