Monday Menu Planning & My Weekly Goals

I know that I am most successful when I have planned out my meals and snacks, as well as food for the rest of my family. I’ve been working on a 3 week menu that I can rotate with a few variations and hopefully be good to go for a while.  Planning menus for our family and the accompanying grocery list can be mentally exhausting…and that doesn’t even include the actual shopping or preparing!  Since I don’t have my full week’s menu completed, I’ll just jot down my meal plan for today.  I use My Fitness Pal to track my calories and this morning I will enter in all my food so I have a good picture of the day and am set up to eat healthy all day.

6:30—oatmeal & coffee

9:00—banana protein muffin

11:30—sweet potato w/ laughing cow cheese, steamed broccoli, strawberry protein smoothie


5:30—quinoa chili

7:30—coffee & protein bar

That’s my general plan for the day…times are of course approximate, but I try to eat every 2-3 hours to keep from getting too hungry.  I also drink water constantly and chew gum if I feel hungry but need to wait to eat. My calories are under my daily total…leaving a little room, but not too much!

As I finish my master menu plan, I’ll also share what I feed my family.  Sometimes I eat the same thing they do, sometimes it’s a slight variation and sometimes it’s entirely different.  I knew I’d be making muffins for my kids’ breakfast this morning, so instead of having (not as healthy) blueberry muffins I will have banana protein muffins.  Also, I’m meeting a friend for coffee tonight…which means I won’t make my bedtime by 9:00…but it also means I can have an early dinner and save some calories to have a snack with my coffee if I want.

I have a couple of charts to help me track my progress towards goals.  One is strictly to track weight loss, on my way to losing 131 pounds.  The other chart tracks healthy habits I want to establish. Those goals are monthly menu planning, track all foods on My Fitness Pal, asleep by 9:00 (Sunday-Thursday), stay under my weekly calorie goal (allows for a “treat” day without going crazy) and run 14 miles each week (until I have to increase that for half marathon training). And so, while I’d really love to reach my almost unattainable goal of losing 131 pounds before the OKC half marathon…I’ll consider myself successful each week that I incorporate my healthy habits, regardless  of weight loss.  I need to lose an average of about 3 pounds a week, when I have been averaging around 2 pounds.  Those numbers get overwhelming when I think about them…so I just try to focus on one week at a time, making sure I am working towards all of my goals.

I said yesterday that I’d post my updated numbers.  I’ve switched up my official weigh in day to Friday morning.  However last week, I did terrible on all of my weekly goals (didn’t track every day, ran ZERO miles, and snacked a bunch)…I had a cold so I got some extra sleep and missed one day at my gym and ended up going to work out on Friday night.  Evening weigh in is never the same as early morning, so I waited until this morning for my official weight.  I am exactly the same as I was last Friday.  No progress, so that’s not much fun.  However, I had a 6 pound weight loss the week before.  I wish I would have ridden that momentum and lost another few pounds.  But after a week of no running, feeling a bit under the weather and snacking on junk…I’ll take a week of maintaining.  My current total weight loss is 91 pounds.  Getting close to that 100!!

What are you eating today? Any new goals? Share the details, friends!


2 thoughts on “Monday Menu Planning & My Weekly Goals

  1. Wow! I am so proud of you. Wish we lived closer so I could do coffee with you. I started weight watchers 2 weeks ago. How did I get here again? I get so tired of gaining and losing. Anyway, on a positive note, I have lost 91/2 in two weeks, I weigh on Tuesdays. It has to be a way of life but life does get in the way sometimes. I have also been sick with the coughing stuff, this does make it a little hard to run and breathe. I almost can’t do a dreadmill. Time goes so slow inside. Anyway, I will report in to you every once in a while and let you know my progress. Miss you!

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