Tired on Tuesday

So yes, Tired on Tuesday! That sounds like a depressing title, eh? But after two nights (admitting I didn’t quite get to bed after I posted that blog on Sunday night…oops!) in a row of staying up a little too late…I am feeling a bit tired today.  The plus side is I’m realizing how much better I feel when I get enough sleep on a consistent basis.  Also, I feel great when I have late night coffee with a fellow homeschooling mama…so that’ll keep happening, for sure.


Today’s food:

Breakfast: Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal (steel cut, cooked overnight in the crockpot)

Morning Snack: Strawberry Protein Smoothie

Lunch: Quinoa, Black beans, veggies & avocado

Afternoon Snack: Apple & almond butter

Dinner: Sweet potato & bean chili


Our morning was busy and it’s afternoon now as I am finally having a chance to sit down at the computer.  I did take the time to plan today’s food this morning and entered all the info on My Fitness Pal.  I goofed and didn’t have my morning snack.  So, even though I took the time to make myself a yummy lunch…I still ate bites of the lunch I made for my kids.  Yummy bites.  I entered in some “quick add calories” to my lunch…and should still be fine as far as calories go today.  I switched my smoothie to after lunch and will likely have a smaller afternoon snack.


So yes, today is a perfect example of why I need to eat every 2-3 hours…and why I need good sleep…and if I’m gonna do a 40 minute full body class at my gym, followed by a 2 mile run* on a treadmill…I need a good breakfast with protein or I’m gonna crash later.


Yep.  Did you read that?!…I left my beloved FPP (Fitness Protection Program) and drove myself directly over to our other gym to get 2 miles in.  Because life is busy and I want to get to bed early tonight, but I also want to meet my goals.  So yep, I’m proud that I’ve done 8 miles this week and it’s only Tuesday! (notsoproud of eating biscuit pizza bites…but still!)

I’ll be sharing more about some little things I do to help with meal prep, but today’s theme is the crockpot.  Last night I made apple cinnamon steel cut oats in the crockpot for breakfast this morning.  I doubled the recipe and had enough for my kids and I, plus a little leftover.  This morning, I spent a good chunk of time in the kitchen getting dinner in the crock pot.  Make that crock pots.  I made beef stew for the family and I made sweet potato & bean chili for me.  Neither is too complicated, but it was a lot of peeling & chopping.  In general, beef stew is not unhealthy.  Except I’d end up adding a ton of crackers and maybe even some shredded cheese.  My sweet potato chili is vegan, clean and delicious!  I’ll probably eat it a few times over the next several days and then freeze the rest.  I will likely plan out our meals for the next few days and then implement my 3 week rotation meal plan beginning Feb 1.

Signing off for now so we can spiffy up the house and ourselves before the mister gets home! Looking forward to the fact that dinner is done…yay for crockpot cooking! Easy clean up and then early to bed tonight.  Except that giant mountain of clean laundry on my bed.  Yikes!  Time to tackle Tuesday!

*run implies a run/walk of some sort.  unless I get all crazy happy and talk about how far I ran without walking at all.  otherwise, assume some amount of walking was involved.

I had this all typed out and pretty much ready to post, when I decided to take a quick nap on the couch.  My most curious and “busy” child sat with me and had his turn on the iPad, while the other four decorated their room with Scotch tape and paper plates.  Yes, someday I’ll post pictures with my words. For now, just imagine.  Anyway, awake now! Just fixed a cup of coffee and grabbed a FEW chocolate chips and almonds.  I’m gonna drink my afternoon caffeine and tackle the messes we’ve created today.  Tackling Tuesday!!


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