mid-week focus

I have two more days of focused, healthy eating before my Friday weigh in.  My mini goals for the next two days…don’t munch on my kids’ stuff and don’t add “quick calories” to My Fitness Pal.  I also want to try a new recipe or two.  I have a few potential bad eating days ahead of me and I want to be prepared.  My oldest twins turn 7 on Friday, there’s that foodball football game on Sunday, and my youngest kiddo turns 5 on Tuesday.  Besides that I am planning a big birthday party for all 5 of my kids the following Saturday.  I really don’t have room in my weight loss plan to have major cheat days, they sometimes throw me off track for more than a day anyway.  So I want to try out some new recipes and enjoy some planned, healthier treats.


Today’s Plan
Breakfast: 2 Banana Protein Muffins (with a bit of almond butter and a bit of strawberry jelly on top)
Morning Snack: ??? maybe a pancake? I’m making pancakes for my kids, so I may make a healthier version for me to try out…or maybe edamame later in the morning

Lunch: Sweet potato chili

Afternoon snack: edamame or smoothie

Dinner: Ezekiel wrap with laughing cow cheese, veggies & hard-boiled egg, side of broccoli

Update on my goals:
-I was in bed much earlier last night, but still managed to stay up later than I should.  Maybe tonight?
-Everything has been logged into My Fitness Pal, every day…and I’ve stayed under calories each day
-I’ve done 8 miles this week.  I plan to run at least 2 on Thursday and then 4 on Saturday.
-Menu planning…I’ve done okay to plan day by day this week, which is better than just on the fly.  However, I need to get my February menu planned so I can shop this weekend.  I’ll work on it today.  For sure.

In other news, I’m going to get some cleaning done around here! We’ve been “picked up”  in general for the past few days…but today needs to include some actual cleaning (mopping, scrubbing, etc) laundry and decluttering the piles.  No therapy (we have PT, OT & Speech visit us weekly) today, just a full day at home to be productive.  Kid breakfast, schooling the kids, housework, and more feeding children…that’s today’s agenda!  What do you have going on?


3 thoughts on “mid-week focus

  1. I love your blog Kate! Encouraging to me! I gotta admit that I have done so well for quite a while, but yesterday our counselor brought his bday cake to school. I always stay away from the lounge, but had something stressful come up after lunch and had one of those “oh forget it, give me cake” moments. I nearly ran to the lounge…and God must have my back bc the cake was gone haha. I gave Him a quick “thanks Lord” and treated myself to a Diet Coke (I know that’s not awesome either, but WAY better than the piece of cake I would have cut for myself at that point)

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