Thirsty Thursday! (and other thoughts)

I always try to be sure I drink plenty of water throughout the day, but today I’m breaking in a new water bottle and going to be sure I get over 100 oz.  Besides smoothies (which are always packed with protein) I typically only drink water and black coffee.  I try very hard not to drink any calories, which becomes noticeable if I’m having a cheat day.  I seem to go right for the liquid calories! (Starbucks, Dr. Pepper, chocolate milk…shhhh!)  I have been wanting to try to make a chia juice drink, so I may work on that today.  I’ll report back if it’s a success!

Speaking of reporting back…remember my goals for yesterday? I did better about not munching on my kids’ food…but I did have two bites of pancakes and then a few bites of the leftover beef stew I gave them for lunch.  But I did not have a single bite of last night’s spaghetti dinner.  I do try to feed my kids food that is pretty healthy.  So having a bite or two is not a huge deal.  It becomes a problem when a taste becomes eating an entire portion…which may be in addition to my own dinner.  So it’s best for me to steer clear of any bites.  Chewing gum during meal prep and clean up certainly does help!

Today’s menu
Breakfast: H-Town breakfast from My Fit Foods…so yummy!
Morning snack: Strawberry chia juice (if I can make it happen)
Lunch: Sweet potato chili
Afternoon snack: apple with almond butter
Dinner: Pork chop, roasted red potatoes, steamed broccoli

I have mentioned that my kids & husband don’t always eat the same thing I do, so I wanted to give an example of their meals versus mine. Today my kids ate cinnamon raisin bagels (with cream cheese, peanut butter or butter) and a banana for breakfast.  I went to the grocery store after my workout this morning, so I picked up an easy breakfast for them.  I typically reward myself with something simple for them if I make an early morning (6:00 am) or late night (9:00 pm) grocery trip.  Plus, My Fit Foods & FPP took care of my breakfast today.  I was STARVING by the time I finally ate around 7:30 am.  I meant to grab some almonds to snack on during my grocery trip, but I forgot.  Thankfully, my breakfast was super tasty and packed with protein.  We’re eating leftovers for lunch today.  Kids can choose from beef stew, spaghetti, sweet potato chilli or a sandwich if they’re not into any of the leftovers.  I don’t typically give them a lot of choices, but when I’m trying to get rid of leftovers I’ll let them pick what they want.  For dinner tonight I’m making pork chops. I always fix them on my George Foreman grill with some seasoning, so they’re pretty healthy.  I’m also making roasted red potatoes…chopped and tossed in olive oil and seasoning, then roasted in the oven.  I’ll fix a big bowl of steamed broccoli, too.  If I feel ambitious (and free of temptation!), I am going to try and make macaroni & cheese using a copycat recipe from Panera Bread.  Definitely NOT healthy!  But, my husband loves it and I’m pretty sure my kids will, too. I thought it would be fun to try a new side dish for them.  Since Friday is my weigh in day, I have better willpower today.  Ha! I realize a couple of bites of mac & cheese aren’t going to make a huge difference on the scale in the morning…but knowing that I’m stepping on it will help me be good today!

Other meals we’ve had this week…I made blueberry muffins for the kids on Monday morning and I had banana protein muffins instead.  My youngest has some food allergies and can’t have oats, so no banana muffins for him.  My other kids would like them…and they are healthy and pretty clean. I think maybe I’m selfish and don’t share them!  Yesterday I tried out a recipe for pancakes made with Greek yogurt.  It was my second attempt and they turned out pretty good.  Ok, good enough that I meant to eat half and freeze the rest, but I ended up eating the other half for my afternoon snack!  I do want to find a health(ier) pancake recipe to try with my kids.  They LOVE pancakes and I typically use a mix for theirs.  Not terribly high in calories if I have portion control, however they are not particularly nutritious calories so I try to avoid them. My kids usually eat their pancakes with peanut butter, no syrup.  And I give them fruit & milk or a smoothie along with them.  So, like I said…not terribly unhealthy, but not packed with the goodness we all need.  We all eat overnight steel cut oats (except my guy with the allergies…he has Malt o Meal or a sausage biscuit instead).

Sometimes I just make a slight variation…they’ll eat taco potatoes, and I’ll lighten mine up by skipping butter & cheese and have a sweet potato instead.  Or when I knew I’d be gone one evening this week, I made Mexican lasagna and got the heck out of there before I started eating it!  I often fix spaghetti squash when I make spaghetti for everyone else.  When I cook something for myself, I almost always have leftovers so it makes it easy to eat something totally different than my family if I want to.

And now that I’ve typed all of that out…I’m thinking more about what I feed my family versus what I feed myself.  I know a few other moms have been discussing this, too.  If it’s not good enough for me to eat, why is it okay for my kids?  I’m pretty sure that’ll have to be answered in another post, but I’ll definitely be thinking about it!

Happy Thursday, folks! May your day be filled with goodness all around!


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