It’s not about food

I took the weekend off from blogging daily and if you live west of me (and just pretend if you don’t) then we can say I’m picking it back up on Monday…even though it’s past midnight in my world.

A quick little update on my main topic of late…after I absolutely had a cheat day on Friday (even though I said I wouldn’t) I’ve done great on Sat, Sun & Mon. My main focus this week is eating clean and also going to bed early. (ahem, and let’s pretend again that I’m not writing this after midnight, k?) I ran a couple of horrible miles on a treadmill on Saturday and did some yoga on Sunday. Today I was back at the gym for a killer cardio class. Snow is headed our way so I’m not sure what the rest of the week looks like. I’ll sweat every day. I promise.

So anyway. I wanted to write about something other than food and fitness tonight. I probably shouldn’t get into some deep writing since it’s after midnight starting to get close to my bedtime. I follow a blogger that does 7 Quick Takes Friday. I’m gonna go ahead and modify that to 7 (or whatever seems right) Quick Takes Monday.

1. I had a brief conversation with my sister tonight regarding my kids and whether or not I am a “parent of children with special needs” or not. It was brief enough that I’ve continued to think about it most of the evening. It’s a big topic to me. It’s raw and surprising and awkward. I need to write/talk about it, I think. But it’s a lot to unpack. So maybe just consider this the intro and I’ll pick it back up later.

(It’s not raw or surprising or awkward because of the conversation with my sister. In fact, if we both had time, we’d unpack it together and I’d feel better, I’m sure. In the meantime, I’ll have snippets of conversations with my husband and think some more and eventually share the thoughts.)

2. Let’s lighten this up, what do you say? : )
We are wrapping up birthday season for the littles in my home. Five children celebrate their birthdays, less than a month apart and just after Christmas. It’s a good time. Tomorrow is our youngest’s birthday. He turns 5. I can hardly believe it. When we adopted our kids they were all under 5…5 under 5. Now nobody is under 5. They are all so big. And wait a minute, I was going to lighten this up! Next.

3. I love snow. Always. It makes me happy. Always. I’m super excited that we might get snow 3 or 4 times this week. Even though that might mean rescheduling the big ol’ birthday party we have planned for Saturday. Snow is fun.

4. Speaking of the big ol’ party….wanna come? : ) I’m only half joking. We are planning a party to celebrate all 5 birthdays. Actually I’ve been planning this party for a couple of years and am crazy enough to try and pull it off this year. That makes it sound like it might be extravagant. I assure you it will not be. Ahem. Ya know, because it’s in a few days. And we’re definitely getting major snow between now & then. And basically I’ve bought paper plates & boxes of cake mix. Totally prepared.

But anyway, if you’re local and wanna celebrate with us, leave me a comment and I’ll get you the details. Main thing: celebrate my kids and collect donations for local kids living in our local shelter because there are not enough foster homes for placement. For real, no gifts for my kids. We live in a tiny house, all 5 share one room, and did I mention Christmas just happened?! We just want to be a blessing to the kids and staff of the local shelter. Email me at or leave a comment and I’ll get you all the details of the party and/or donation suggestions.

So many friends have supported us in our adventures with our 5. We’d love to hang out with you and let you see how wonderfully blessed we are because of these five. Because everyone tells us how lucky the kids are to have us…but they really have no idea that we are the lucky ones.

5. I met my husband 12 years ago today. We had no idea that an evening of iced tea & lemonade would be the start of this great life. But I think we both knew something great was going to happen. Somewhere in my blog archives I wrote the whole story. Short version: ice storm, internet, Super Bowl, Applebee’s. Happily ever after.

6. It’s 1:00 in the morning and I’ve been staring at #6 for a few minutes. Maybe that means 5 was the magic number of topics tonight.

7. I’ll close with this…I have an interesting vantage point when it comes to divorce. I am my husband’s second wife. I am a stepmom. So if it weren’t for divorce, I certainly wouldn’t have the life I live. But it is a terrible awful thing. And sometimes, it cannot be avoided. And so tonight, I’m thinking of a few friends and maybe some acquaintances and people I’ve never even met, yet I know their story. I’m praying for those families tonight. Because no matter the circumstance or even the healing that lies ahead and the chance for a family to be built from brokenness…being in the middle of it is terrible and awful. I pray for the husbands & wives, the kids & their futures…that they be filled with the peace of Christ and love for one another.


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