not a plateau

yep.  same weight as last week, which is the same as the week before…yada. yada. yada.

so now that I have maintained the same weight for a few weeks, some might think that I have hit a plateau.  That’s the general thought, especially following consistent (and significant) weight loss.  So after 91 pounds, am I at the plateau?


I didn’t follow all of my “rules” all of the time.  Meaning I wasn’t working towards my healthy goals all of the time this week.  Sure, I followed some of the rules some of the time…but I’m pretty sure I’m at the point in my weight loss that it’s not going to just fall off without purposeful planning. My biggest struggle is food.  I used too many excuses this week to opt out of my healthy and CLEAN eating plan. I did plan all of my healthy meals & snacks…but I didn’t follow my plan.  And I’m not sure I was realistic anyway.  I planned time consuming meals on busy days and didn’t do my prep work ahead of time.

Soooo…my new plan? I’m going to be strict with myself.  Planning every meal and snack and putting it in My Fitness Pal so I have an accurate calorie count.  I will have my menu planned and groceries bought before my Monday morning meeting with my trainer. Yep.  I reached out to my trainers and asked for some help.   I’ve been at this a while, so I think I KNOW what to do, but I need a bit more accountability and some tough love.  : ) I also think that sitting face to face and talking out my plan will help.  My husband asked how he could support me and I gave him permission to call me out if he sees me making poor food choices.  So yeah, that’ll be fun. ; )  And while I haven’t planned out our meals yet…I’m toying with the idea of only cooking meals for the family that are “safe” for me.  Somehow I started cooking ridiculous things like Panera Macaroni & Cheese and Pioneer Woman Chicken Spaghetti last week.  What was I thinking?! I will be out of the house two evenings next week…so Rob & the kids can have “cheat” meals then.  Otherwise…quinoa for everyone! : ) I’ll be sure to blog about the recipes I cook for my 5 littles, my teenager and my meat & potatoes husband. 

The other thing I want to do is increase my workout time this week.  I didn’t run at all (supposed to be training for a half marathon!!) and I have fallen behind in a 100 day burpee challenge I’m doing with friends from my gym.  Like way behind.  I will total up the number I need to make up and be sure to get them caught up by the end of the week.  For sure.  I will sit down with my husband and we’ll plan the times I can to to the gym to run…plan, plan, plan.  Think that’s the key?!

So that’s my Friday update.  I’m sure next week will be different, right?

I’ll be back this week.  With lots of talk about food.

Happy weekend…make a plan and make it healthy!


One thought on “not a plateau

  1. Look at where you were last year at this time! Amazing!! You are on the down slide, and, of course, you won’t go back there now. LY

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