Taking Control…Again

Menu written, groceries bought, meeting with trainer held, weekly goals are happening and extra accountability is in place!


New this week…planning most meals family friendly as well as friendly to my own nutritional goals.  I try to feed my kids healthy foods the majority of the time.  There are definitely McDonald’s days.  Or pizza days.  Or grilled cheese from Sonic days.  But in general, I aim for healthy foods.  But “healthy” kid foods “most” of the time…was still tripping me up on my plan.  I might snag a few bites of whatever I fixed for the kids, in addition to my own lunch.  Or, I wouldn’t give myself enough time to fix my dinner along with dinner for my family…and I’d end up eating something healthy but not very satisfying, leading to more eating later that night.

This week is a good week to ease the family into my food world (ha!) since I have to been gone two evenings this week.  I asked my husband which meals he wanted me to fix when I’d be out of the house.  Family cheat meals! ; )


Here is our menu for the week:

Monday-muffins…I tried out two new recipes for kid muffins.  I had one for a snack and ate oatmeal for my breakfast. 
Best Ever Healthy Muffins (not my favorite, but the kids ate them)
Toddler Muffins (pretty tasty to me!)
Both have veggies in the recipe, so you can feel good about getting a vegetable in at breakfast!

Tuesday-crock pot oatmeal…for everyone

Wednesday-refrigerated oats & yogurt…I’ll make enough for everyone and will let the kids choose between that and cereal & fruit (I ended up having banana protein muffins instead…I was out late and didn’t prep the oats.  Kids had cereal or yogurt.)

Thursday-breakfast burritos…I’ll sauté veggies and scramble an egg in coconut oil, then wrap it all in an Ezekiel tortilla.  I may give the kids a regular ol’ white flour tortilla.  I’ll love my own so much I shouldn’t be tempted by theirs…which may include ham & cheese.

Friday-It’s Valentine’s Day and I haven’t fully decided what I’m going to eat that day.  It’s my usual “cheat” day..so we’ll see.  Planning healthy strawberry & yogurt parfaits with heart shaped pancakes for breakfast.  I may skip the pancakes, or make sure I have healthy ones on hand.


Monday-quinoa enchilada bake…a new, delicious recipe!  Most of my kids liked it, too!

Tuesday-cucumber, avocado & cheese sandwiches on Ezekiel bread…we added sautéed onions.  I let the kids run the toaster and choose what they wanted to add to their sandwiches and they all ate pretty good!  They had fruit on the side, with veggie straws.  I had veggies on the side and also a half serving (yep, counted them out!) of veggie straws.

Wednesday-muffin tins (an assortment of food in a six cup muffin tin…great way to have them try new things and a great way for me to get rid of little bits of leftovers!) for the kids, leftover enchilada bake for me

Thursday-Chopped Southwest Salad with Cilantro Lime Dressing…my kids tend to think salad is for grown ups, but they actually like it! I’m going to have them help me make it and I bet they’ll love eating it too!

Friday-I’ll probably make heart shaped sandwiches or heart shaped pizzas for the kids.  Not sure what I’ll eat…



Monday-taco potatoes…We almost always use ground turkey in place of ground beef.  I skipped butter and had Laughing Cow cheese instead of shredded cheddar.  I also had lots of tomatoes and just a couple of tortilla chips.

Tuesday-sloppy joes…I had a meeting, and sloppy joes in the crock pot is my go-to meal when I’m leaving for the evening. I ended up eating leftovers from Monday’s lunch when I got home.

Wednesday-spaghetti squash…The last few times I have made spaghetti for our family, I have eaten spaghetti squash instead.  I make a sauce for me and feed them Ragu.  I’m not exactly sure of the saucy plans for this dinner, but I am going to offer the spaghetti squash to my kids.  And for the good of my marriage, I’ll have some regular ol’ spaghetti & sauce for my man (and likely for at least one of my kids!)

Thursday-enchiladas…I will be gone to Bible Study, so I’m fixing enchiladas for the family and I will likely eat leftover spaghetti squash.

Friday-Valentine’s Dinner…something my husband cooks for me?! ; )


I left my snack options open, but listed a few in my planner to choose from.  I usually eat a snack in the morning and in the afternoon.  If I run in the evening, I typically have a little snack before I run and then eat a later dinner…or skip dinner if I don’t need it.  This week’s snack ideas:  almonds, smoothie, oats & yogurt, strawberry chia drink*, fruit with cheese or almond butter, Luna protein bar, steamed edamame, oatmeal.

 *I’ll post separately about my newly discovered chia drink!

I’m finally finishing up this post on Wednesday.  So far, so good this week!  I have started each morning at boot camp and I ran 4 miles on the treadmill on Tuesday night.  I will run another 4 on Thursday.  We are supposed to have beautiful weather this weekend so I’m looking forward to an outside 6 or 7 mile run on Saturday.  I have not eaten anything off of my plan and am pushing through to a good weigh in on Friday!


2 thoughts on “Taking Control…Again

  1. Awesome you, and your family benefits! Don’t think many mothers/wives could be so organized and productive. Kate, do you have any help, such as babysitters or house keepers?

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