So apparently eating right works! : ) I planned my menu and stuck with it.  I added running (4 miles on Tuesday and 2 miles on Thursday) and started back on my 100 day burpee challenge (I was way behind and have been getting caught up).   We have fabulous weather ahead of us and I’m looking forward to a long run this weekend (6 or 7 miles) and shorter runs as often as possible!

 And I lost 3 pounds! : ) I just have about 6 pounds to go and I will have lost 100 pounds!!! I think I can manage to plan out my meals and stick with it for these kinds of results.  One big thing this past week…healthy food really tastes good!  Don’t get me wrong, unhealthy food tastes yummy, too! But the healthy food tastes good and makes me feel good, too.  I don’t buy the argument that eating healthy is more expensive, but I do know it takes more time.  It is waaaay easier to get fast food than it is to chop veggies and make homemade dressing.  But it’s worth it! One of my goals this week was to feed my family the same things I was eating, which resulted in my kids eating quinoa, breakfast burritos with zucchini, spaghetti squash and chopped salad with homemade dressing this week.  (This morning they have basically eaten Valentine’s candy for breakfast…so don’t worry too much about them!)

 Speaking of buying healthy foods…we are trying out some new ideas in our monthly budget here in Zerbeland.  We’re switching things up to work the budget from the 15th-15th of each month and I’m shopping for groceries and household goods on a cash only system.  (Cash vs. debit card…we don’t do anything on credit cards these days.)  I’m going to attempt to plan a menu for the next month and shop this weekend.  Of course we’ll have to do some weekly shopping for fresh produce and meat, but I’m looking forward to having things planned and bought.  I also think I’ll spend less when it’s cash coming out of my hand instead of mindlessly swiping the plastic.

 I’m taking the day off of counting calories…I really think having a “cheat” day helps me.  After a year of tracking my food…I’m realizing I’m a little tired of it, even though I know it works.  A day off gives me a mental break from the tracking…and I get to indulge a bit!  I do have to watch myself so that I don’t have a cheat weekend, though!

Happy Valentine’s Day, friends! Share some love with someone who needs it!


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