Post-worthy pic


I have no real reason to post this picture, other than this was my Valentine date night outfit. Oh, and an occasion to wear make up and something other than workout clothes. And I fixed my hair. So, yes, a few reasons to celebrate & share a pic! I still can’t believe I’ll wear something with a belt! My husband picked this outfit for me when we shopped together in December. I need to stay focused so I can enjoy an entire new wardrobe some day! For today my money is being spent on a new (smaller!) sports bra & new running shoes.

I had such a good cheat day yesterday that I won’t have any trouble staying away from junk today. Ugh. Back to fueling my body with healthy foods. I’ll be working on my monthly menu today & will shop this weekend. I’m looking forward to trying some more new recipes!

Happy Saturday everyone! Have a healthy day!


One thought on “Post-worthy pic

  1. Looking great! Keep up the good work (and that includes putting on make up and fixing your hair 😉 )…and you’ve got a great hour-glass figure for sporting a belt!

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