if only the baristas would babysit my kids…

I want to write a 7 Quick Takes Friday post of randomness and link up to Conversion Diary.

I want to write a purposeful post about infertility and link up to Kelly’s Korner.

I want to write a blog about our Fab Five Birthday Extravaganza.

I want to update you on my 131/13.1 journey.

So what I’m really saying is I want you to come to my house, take care of my children and my chores while I go sit at Starbucks all day and write.  K?

Or…I’ll just pop in quickly to say I lost 1.6 pounds this week, which feels fabulous after a week of tracking most everything but not everything.  After taking today off of tracking, I will enter every single bite on My Fitness Pal because I am 5 pounds away from 100 pounds lost! I’m determined to push through and get this big goal finished!! (so I can move on to the next goal, of course!)

If my minions will cooperate I’ll be back to post on some of those above mentioned topics later today. Otherwise…have a happy & healthy Friday!


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