Focus on Five

Yep. 5 pounds until I have reached a big weight loss goal. It’s not my ultimate goal, but achieving a 100 pound weight loss is a pretty amazing thing and I’m looking forward to accomplishing it. Soon.

Here’s my meal plan for the week:
Breakfast: Malt O Meal (kids) Oatmeal (me)
I will also have a Luna Protein bar during our Sunday School class. Luna bars & Clif bars have kept me out of the donut box for over a year.
Lunch: hotdogs (kids & Rob) Sweet potato, Laughing cow cheese, salsa & steamed broccoli (me)
Snack: string cheese & fruit
Dinner: Pizza & Stromboli (kids & Rob) quinoa crust pizza (me)

Breakfast: muffins (kids) Oatmeal (me)
Lunch: muffin tins (kids) leftover pizza (me)
Dinner: taco potatoes (ground turkey for everybody, sweet potato for me)

Breakfast: crockpot steel cut oats (everybody)
Lunch: nachos (kids) lettuce wrap with leftover taco meat (me)
Dinner: goulash (kids & Rob) sweet potato chili (me)

Breakfast: yogurt & oats (will finally prep this!!)
Lunch: sweet potato chili (everyone)
Dinner: lasagna (kids & Rob) spaghetti squash (me)

Breakfast: pancakes (kids) yogurt & oats (me)
Lunch: out with a friend
Dinner: pb&j on Ezekiel bread on the road

We have a crazy schedule for the weekend and will be spending time with family. I’ll make sure I have some healthy snacks and meal options available, but I likely won’t plan the menu for the weekend. I’ll also weigh on Thursday morning because I’ll miss boot camp on Friday.

Did I mention that I busted my knee on Friday? It’s still pretty sore today and I’m not a fan of injury. Saturday was day and I would have loved a long run, but that’s not happening. I’m elevating and icing and trying to remember to stay on a steady dose of ibuprofen. I don’t know what my workouts will look like in the coming week. I’ll go to FPP every day and do as much as possible with some modifications, I’m sure. That’s even more reason to make sure I totally stay on my healthy eating plan this week.


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