Oh, this girl! The first thing I ever did with her was to string Froot Loops onto a necklace at an adoption party. We were meeting her (along with 3 of the other Fab Five) for the first time and all I could do was grin and string cereal on a piece of yarn.

Desirae LOVES her little brothers and sisters. She’s the oldest of the five…only by a few minutes, but it certainly plays well into her “mothering” of the other four. We’ll never know how much of that part of her personality was shaped by moving to different foster homes and at times being separated from some of her siblings. Of course I have had a tendency to ahem, mother my younger siblings and we spent all of our days together! She might just be displaying her God-given talent to nurture others, and I can’t wait to see what she does with it in her life! She and Daniel spent most of their first 4 years apart. However, they were the first two that I saw a special bond between. She almost always calls him “my Daniel” and I can’t wait to see how their friendship deepens as they grow older. (Because daily she fusses at him for “getting” her. Ya know…touching or chasing or just plain looking at her!)

Desirae loves puzzles, and she’s really good at them. She will work on puzzle after puzzle and of course is happy to help out a younger sibling who got tired or distracted in the middle of one. She also loves to color and draw. I remember the first time she drew a picture of something, rather than just a scribble. It might have still resembled a scribble, but it was a picture of a rainstorm. Now she draws people and letters. She also has a great imagination and loves to pretend. Of course she loves her dolly and puts her to sleep right next to her every night.

Oh, I wish you could see her juggle! Picture three balls being thrown up into the air, then dropped. Followed by a grand gesture and a smiling, “Ta-Da!” Priceless.

She loves making things for people…noodle necklaces, oatmeal can man, coloring book pages, etc. She’s a wealth of treasures, I tell ya! The past two years she has gone on a Daddy-Daughter date near Valentine’s Day. She calls it a coffee date, even though there was no coffee involved! She loves spending time with her Daddy and has recently especially fallen in love with my daddy. When we visited at Christmas she was sure to know where he was at all times. She bragged for days that Grandpa fixed her plate of food at Great-Grandpa’s house.

It’s really fun to teach Desirae new things, so fun to watch her learn! She asks a lot of questions and nods in agreement as I explain the answer. Don’t get me wrong, my darling daughter has moments of frustration and can certainly display them so there is no mistaking her emotions. We talk about showing love and helping others feel loved instead of feeling yucky. We talk about how our actions can help others or hurt others. She listens intently, when she’s ready. ; ) One day she was having such a hard time getting along with others that I tucked her into my bed (in her pj’s, in the middle of the day) and told her the only person she could talk to was Jesus. She and Jesus must have had a nice time together that day…because we haven’t had to tuck in like that for a while! : )

Sometime’s we call her Rae, for short…well, mostly it’s her Daddy’s name for her and also her littlest brother tries to say Desirae and it just comes out Rae. She’s definitely our ray of sunshine!

(I can’t seem to load a picture or a YouTube link. Click HERE to view a quick slideshow of Desirae!)


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