I’m pretty sure he is my middle child. Technically he’s fourth in birth order of the Fab Five (by a few minutes) but he tends to fall right in the middle most of the time.

Christian wakes up at 6:40 almost every single morning. Seriously, that specific time most days. I used to think it was because his big brother’s alarm went off around that time…but that alarm is no longer in our house so I’m pretty sure that’s not the reason. I think he probably knows he can get a few minutes of snuggle time with me on the couch before the rest of the kids wake up, so he gets up early for those precious minutes. He usually finds me on the couch drinking coffee and he asks if I exercised that morning. (Chances are yes, if I’m up before 7 it’s because I exercised.) Sometimes he eats a little snack, sometimes he watches a tv show, and sometimes he just lays on my lap and we start our day together.

He’s at this really great stage where I can see him learning new things every day. He is great at asking questions, but even more exciting is the fact that he remembers what we talk about during “school time” and then relates it to other things throughout the day. The bulk of our curriculum at this point revolves around a letter of the week. He is constantly finding our letter and is also hearing the sounds in words throughout the day. It’s fun to imagine a day when he reads chapter books and tells me all about what he has learned.

I remember one night when the kids hadn’t been with us very long. While they were open to physical affection, it wasn’t often initiated. I won’t ever forget when Christian cupped my chin in his little hands to give me a kiss goodnight. Sweet boy!

He can be silly and dance and sing. He can shake his sillies out like nobody’s business. Or he can be super shy and reserved. For some reason he is not a fan of pictures…mostly if he’s in a big group and the photographer is someone he doesn’t know. So yeah, extended family pictures were fun. : ) We ended up getting a few decent (non-smiling, but also non-sobbing…so you take what you can get!) with the promise of gum!

Christian does have a congenital heart defect and is monitored regularly by a pediatric cardiologist. Surgery might be in his future, but we are hoping and praying that can be avoided. It doesn’t affect his daily life, and honestly I often forget about it. Please join with us in praying that he will remain healthy and strong!

I don’t ever really want to fast forward through my children’s young years, but I really look forward to talking with Christian as a grown up. I can’t wait to see what he will do and who he will become. I know he has lots of thoughts in his head and maturity will give words to those thoughts. And so it is with little tear and a little smile that I picture my boy all grown up some day.

(Click HERE to see my middle little boy!)


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