Day One Ramblings

(My grandmother kept a daily journal for about 30 years.  Most of her writings are about what she did that day.  It is great fun to read what she wrote on the day I was born and the day I left for college.  I can hear her voice as she writes about checking cattle with my grandpa or getting a postcard in the mail from a relative.  Sometimes I want my writing to be encouraging, funny, thought provoking.  And sometimes I just want to write about everyday life.  See below.)

So….I made it through one day of no meat, no dairy, no sugar.  It actually wasn’t too tough of a day because I was limiting my food due Ash Wednesday.  Officially Catholics (aged 14-59) are required to fast on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday.  Fasting defined as one full meal and two smaller meals (if needed) not equaling the size of one full meal.  I kept my eating light today and didn’t have to think a lot about what to eat.  I hope to plan out some meals for the next couple of weeks and stock up on a few things this weekend.  I think I am going to attempt 15 bean soup on Friday.  I’m also going to need to find some nut butter without sugar.  I have almond butter but it has added sugar.  My vegan brother gave me the name of a couple to look for or I can make some fresh almond butter at the grocery store.

I mentioned that I want to read meaningful things…today I spent time reading an actual book and a book I bought on Kindle.  It’s a bit embarrassing to admit I don’t remember the last (non-children’s) book I read.  Or at least I can’t remember reading very many of them in the last couple of years.  I’m feeling confident that I’ll make my way through several in the coming weeks. Today I began reading Clutterfree with Kids by Joshua Becker.  He writes at and I like what I’ve read.  I’m also reading Love & Logic Magic for Early Childhood by Jim Fay & Charles Fay.  If you are a parent or a teacher and you haven’t tried Love & Logic…you simply must! Visit for a quick peek at what they are about.  I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to implement more of those practices in my parenting. I hope I can be more consistent in using their tools.  Today I tried some out on Michael and he totally fell for it they worked!

We had a pretty normal day at home with a little sleeping in due to Tuesday’s (the day, not the kid) late night movie fun.  (We let the kids stay up and watch Despicable Me 2, mostly because we treated ourselves to a quiet afternoon by putting them down for naps!)  We are learning about the letter O this week, and even though we’re not totally in sync with real life events…we did make Olympic brownies today.  Which reminds me, an example of how serious I am about keeping my Lenten fasts in check…I have an open container of frosting in my refrigerator and an open bag of M&M’s in my pantry.  That is usually high temptation for me, but I feel confident I’ll keep out of them.  And frankly, if I get too tempted I’ll make Rob hide the candy and I’ll throw out the frosting!

We planned to take the kids to mass tonight. I was a little anxious about their behavior since it didn’t start until 7:00.  However, late this afternoon, Daniel got sick.  The poor kid can’t throw up because of a surgical procedure he had when he was a baby.  He can still be sick and feel sick and look sick…but he never actually throws up.  I’m not sure that’s necessarily a good thing.  Anyway, Rob ended up staying home with all five kids.  Because if I was a little anxious about behavior with Daddy right there in the pew with me…I was certainly anxious about taking any of them with me alone!  Turns out Ash Wednesday mass is about as popular as Christmas Eve mass.  I ended up parking more than two blocks away from church and sat on the floor for a while because all of the overflow chairs were full.  Super glad I didn’t have any littles with me!  So, somewhere there’s a spiritual and slightly profound post about why the church is full on an evening dedicated to the beginning of Lent…a season for returning, repentance and preparation.  It’s close to my bedtime so I’m not able to bust out anything spiritual or profound at this point.  But maybe soon.

I don’t have any specific blogging goals in mind for the next several weeks, but probably more everyday life ramblings. Hope your everyday life is splendid!



3 thoughts on “Day One Ramblings

  1. We ended up going to mass too, but didn’t decide until about 10 minutes before, so we arrived about 5 minutes late and it took awhile to find a parking spot at St Mary’s too! The cry room was totally full, so we braved the second row pew. And the girls did pretty great, remarkably!

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