7 posts in 7 days

I’ve been enjoying blogging more frequently lately and hope to keep the streak alive! I got a ton of new readers when I linked up to Kelly’s Korner on Friday and posted about infertility.  I used to write a lot about our adoption journey. Then the kids actually came into our lives and blogging while mothering and working full time was simply not in the cards.  I fell out of the habit but would like to keep this new found energy for documenting and sharing our lives via the written word.  Another favorite blog of mine is Conversion Diary.  She’s a hilarious writer, former atheist, Catholic mom of 6. She’s hosting 7 blog posts in 7 days and I’m joining in on the fun!

Back when our kids were in our home but before the adoption was finalized…I gave them code names for my blog and for facebook.  I was (still am?) a little cautious about sharing many details with the world and still like to keep a little privacy for the kids’ sake.  Some of you will remember my code names were days of the week…so, in honor of those Fab Five…I’ll be posting about them individually on their days this week.

Stay tuned for Monday (7 year old son) Tuesday (7 year old daughter) Wednesday (6 year old son) Thursday (6 year old daughter) and Friday (5 year old son)

I’ll mix it up a little on Saturday and Sunday…giving a weigh loss update, homeschooling update and/or how I think I should be spending my time on Sundays. Oooh…and maybe a little preview of what I think Lent will look like this year.

Come along for the ride…and join in with your blog!



I’ve been slacking a bit on our letter of the week activities. We seem to fit in a few things each week and the kids are learning new things all the time. But this week we managed to jump fully back into our theme.

On Tuesday we made a snack with mashed bananas, peanut butter & graham crackers. As an added bonus, Aunt Maggie & cousins Mary & Clare came over to play! Last night we had manicotti for dinner. Today during school time the kids used markers to color monkeys.

The kids just finished their lunch…mini and mega meatloaf muffins, mandarin oranges and macaroni & cheese.


We made marshmallow pops (marshmallows on a stick dipped in peanut butter and sprinkles) for a mid-afternoon snack. We are currently watching The Mouse & the Motorcycle on a mattress in the living room.

I don’t know why we don’t do all this stuff every week (unless its a crazy letter!)…we have tons of fun!

Tomorrow we’re scheduled for marshmallow monkey muffins and maybe m&m math! We’ll definitely practice marching and might even make a mask!!