It’s been over a year.  And I miss blogging.  So I’m back.

I’m obviously not going to get you all caught up on our life.  And chances are, you probably follow me on facebook, instagram or are lucky enough to know me & my crew in real life. ; )  But yes.  I like to write my thoughts.  And share my thoughts.  And read your thoughts on my thoughts.  So here I am.

Specifically I am sitting in my living room, typing on my laptop, while listening to Gregorian Chant on Pandora via my husband’s headphones.  He was so gracious to offer to watch a movie with the kids in our room tonight so I could have some quiet time.   But apparently 80% of them were not big fans of the movie.  And they are driving fire trucks, ambulances and a newly acquired pokemon on wheels in my living room.  The Gregorian Chant drowns out their noise and keeps me from losing my mind when they decide the siren on the fire truck isn’t quite loud enough and they decide to supplement with their own sound effects.

My babies, who were all under 5 back when I was writing semi-reguarly, are now almost 9, 8, & 7…and I can’t seem to wrap my brain around that.  So, maybe we’ll get back to that topic another time.

We are one week out from Christmas and I have exactly zero presents wrapped and under the tree.  And not many more purchased.  I likely need to remedy that soon and thank the good Lord for Amazon Prime 2 day shipping.  I got LOTS of time!

This blog post interupted by a sick kid.  FYI: One kid was sick on Monday, one on Wednesday and now one on Friday. And…if you’ve been with me for the long haul and remember my code names for my kids…Monday was sick on Monday, Friday was sick on Wednesday and now Wednesday is sick on Friday.  Let’s hope Tuesday & Thursday don’t play this game.

I’ll leave you with this random photo of my kids making reindeer food last weekend at Santa’s Workshop at St Benedicts.  More pics to come, more words to come.  Pinky promise.



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