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So, writing helps me process my stuff. And sometimes that comes in the form of mega texting sessions to my small group of friends from church.  And in Facebook messenger with my sisters. Or sometimes it develops in too-long Facebook updates and Instagram captions.  Perhaps I should just keep an old fashioned (but on a computer) journal.  Because it seems as though I have yet to manage to regularly carve out time to actually write a blog.  Not even a well thought out awesome blog.  Just a simple blog.  But today, today I have time.  And here I am.

Most people who read (or at least those that are still around) my blog are people I know in real life and they know what’s been going on lately.  So I don’t need to rehash all of the details, but I’ll do a quick recap.

Short version: My husband had his left leg amputated below the knee on August 1.  The past three weeks have been a crazy blur of nights in the hospital, arranging childcare, accepting awesome help, and settling into a routine of having Rob back at home.  Overall, his recovery is going well.  Today he started hyperbaric chamber treatment to expedite the healing of his incision. He cannot be fitted for a prosthetic until the incision is completely healed.  Right now he’s doing a great job of adjusting to life on crutches, which is not all that awesome.  But, we look forward with hope to the day he will be back to normal with a prosthetic leg, or “robot leg” according to the kids.  So we’ll do whatever is needed to help that healing process along.  Hyperbaric is generally from 6:00-9:00 in the morning…which means I am sitting at Starbucks with coffee and technology.  My kids will wake up to big brother sleeping on the couch and their breakfast prepped by mama.  I have other help this week with chauffeuring the mister and caring for the kiddos.  But for today, I am here and enjoying some early morning “me time.”


In other news…

-We will start our fourth year of homeschooling soon. Yikes! and Yay!
-I turn 40 in less than 12 months and I have big plans for a year of awesome. It’s already begun, I’m just delayed in documenting it.
-I have new goals for my health and weight loss.  I’m still wrapping my head around the details of it, but things are settling down (maybe?!) enough that I can give some space to taking care of myself again.
-I have rekindled (a bit literally) my love of reading.  Library, Kindle, and some combination of the two…I look forward to many more pages.
-It is finally not so crazy hot here and we can play outside!  This makes every Zerbe a happy Zerbe!

I have more writing in my head.  And I look forward to setting it free on a regular basis.  I make no promises here, but potentially I’ll return to blogging.  And soon.






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